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Congratulations you've finished your book

So, traditional agents and publishers haven’t bitten your hand off? More fool them. Why should you miss out? Few experiences beat your book arriving hot from the press. Of knowing that your words can be read by anyone the world over.

Give me a month, less if you push me, and you’ll have your book, designed, printed and published. No catches, no royalty share, no loss of copyright, with the minimum of fuss and cost.

Check out books I've published for other writers, and what they think.

This is what my first international author had to say...


Paul of Publishing Buddy is not only a gentleman of great patience and the insight of a mentor, he is the magician of editing, the maestro of formatting, and the Michelangelo of cover design. He exceeded all of my expectations, then created more and exceeded those, too. I am stunned and astonished at how completely his design captures the mood and tone of my gothic horror novel, Return of the Monetoo. He created a cover that I can't stop looking at. have a feeling my prospective readers won't be able to stop looking at it, either.

Max MacCaigh

Pretty darned happy with it. Happy with the way you'd trimmed the fat, sanded down the rough spots, and added many fitting sensory details (artist's eye, musician's ear). Turning many of my almost-but-not-quite phrases into truly crisp and unique ones. Worth every penny.

Richard Wynes

Someone who knows the Amazon system backwards, can turn a word document into a published book in a short time and do so with little or no hassle can be invaluable. One such is writer and designer Paul Burridge who offers good advice and designs for covers, in a good mix of quality and at reasonable cost.

Patrick Forsyth

(Author of THE SUNDAY TIMES Successful Time Management)

I have now published my second book with Paul Burridge, ‘The Terracotta Jar’. Paul formatted the text for me plus designing and preparing the artwork for the covers, back and front, giving me an option of a good half dozen designs from which to choose. I find Paul at Publishing Buddy gives a really excellent service, no rush or pressure.

R H Welham

Paul, I love it. I feel you have taken my work into the mainstream. Into today’s world.

Lilian Forshaw


Paul’s cover perfectly portrays my story. It’s reassuring knowing that Paul has comprehensively reviewed all the content, including that which you had forgotten. Paul’s enthusiasm and competence made me feel my book was in very safe hands.

Jill Barry

Your cover artwork for The Search for Ellie Babble was fab. Moody and magnificent.

Kevin Wood

Paul has designed eight book covers for me - six as part of a series and two other very different books. I have been thrilled with each cover. They are genre-appropriate, stunning eye-catching designs. The books in the series are all distinct, but one can instantly recognise they belong together. Paul has an eye for detail and gave me some excellent suggestions, whilst allowing me to make the final decision. In addition, he has designed me a logo and various promotional posters custom-made for different social media platforms.

      He has also formatted each book’s manuscript, preparing it for upload to Kindle Direct Publishing. Despite incompatibilities between our computers, he persevered until he’d produced each manuscript. Paul is prompt, courteous and kept me informed at each stage, checking that I was satisfied. Nothing has been too much effort. And his prices are more than reasonable! I would never go anywhere else for a book cover or manuscript formatting.

Dawn Knox

Paul designed a lovely cover and logo. He took the time to understand the work, that it was to be part of a series and came up with some interesting ideas. He also formatted my book and he can upload everything onto Amazon for the author. A great service at an even greater price. He’ll be my go-to person for my next book!

Mari Jane Law

Paul has published two of my books so far. There will be more. My first was a picture book I wrote for my granddaughter. Charlotte and the Painted Pixies. My wife painted the illustrations to my text and Paul put it all together wonderfully.
       Return To Eden was tricky because of Microsoft Works has hidden commands you cannot change on Word, but Paul came up with a solution and it worked! His excellent design for the wrap around cover exceeded my expectations and I’m so pleased with the result. He is not expensive, does what he says he will and sorts everything. I have another, almost ready, for you to work your magic with. Thank you, Paul.

Colin Taylor

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