So how much is all this going to cost me?


I’m unfashionably upfront about money. And I like to keep things simple. So there’s a flat fee of £199 to take you through this process.


This includes setting up and administering your AMAZON account for the period of production. Processing your manuscript from a Word document into paperback and eBook format and designing the book cover. That’s regardless of the book’s complexity or however long the work takes me. I'd relish the opportunity to contribute to your publishing success. Should we decide to take things further, I'll commit to working above and beyond to exceed your expectations.


If you want some support with editing, email me a short synopsis and word count, and I'll get you a price - or simply pick up the phone.

07498 368047



Terms: The fee applies to the pre-print production of one novel format book. That is, a full colour cover and black and white image-free text. It does not cover children's books, or books with a pictorial or graphical content. I'd be pleased to handle such, but they would be subject to separate negotiation.

At the end of the process your finished book will be available to you (at print cost only) via your AMAZON account. And for public sale on the AMAZON platform, at whatever price you decide to set. When you are satisfied that the work has been completed to your satisfaction, simply change your AMAZON password, and I'll have no further access to your account.


Please note: Publishing Buddy has no connection with AMAZON, and receives no inducement recommend its services.