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Beware the vanity publishing trap

There's a whole industry seeking to exploit your passion to be published. These companies trade under various names: hybrid, subsidy, contributory, and partnership publishers. The end results are likely to be the same - substandard service, broken promises, no refunds. 

You’ll get an impressive glossy welcome pack, flattering words confirming your book’s exciting commercial potential and high literary standard. But then they’ll casually mention that as a first time author you’ll need to make a token financial contribution. Then they’ll hit you with the telephone numbers. The aggregate cost including extras for all their illusory and/or lacklustre services typically comes in at over £6,000. And for that, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll lose control of your copyright.

Don't take my word for it.
 Ask Google, better still, ask the SOCIETY OF AUTHORS.
And if you want to get a handle on the true scale of the abuse, go to

Vanity Publishers Google search results
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