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Clearing out my junk mail this morning, I found an email that came in yesterday from a German 'private' publishing company, operating over here. It offers authors participation in an upcoming anthology. No theme, no particular genre, send them anything you like. Their price is generously discounted from £45.00 to £39.00 PER PAGE.

Now I've done anthologies - cover design, manuscript formatting, uploading to Amazon. The last one was for my writing group and I charged nothing. Wasn't difficult, didn't even break sweat. Everyone was happy with the results - check it out. Were this a commercial situation I would have charged iro £400.00. Applying the German company's fee structure, the modest 120 pager would have weighed in at £4,480.

So now I'm thinking, why not do the same thing, offer a per page price for anthologies. Hell, offer a page price for everything. Regardless that the length of a manuscript has little or no bearing on the work required to format it. On this basis, I have been charging an average of £1.09 per page. The German offer even breaks it down to 1800 characters per page, that works out at 2.1666... pence per character. My average price is 0.060555... pence per character!

Here's an extract from this unsolicited offer...

  • Price: 45.- GBP per book page. Last minute price: only 39.- GBP per book page, effective for submissions before 25 March 2023.

  • Submission: Your text has to be submitted to the publisher until 25 March 2023. All rights regarding your text shall remain with you.

  • Pen name: If you want to use a pen name, please let us know when you submit your texts.

  • Text length: at least 4 book pages, maximum of 30 book pages. (In case of a continuous text a book page consists of about 1800 characters, in case of poetry a book page contains approx. 1 or 2 poems. You may also submit photos/illustrations. They are printed in greyscale.)

  • Topic: There are NO restrictions regarding the topic!

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I hope there aren't many who will be duped by these

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